Registered Surnames Researcher Website Date
Nerault/Nereaux Cheré Coen    
Ory(Aury/Orry) Margie Pearce 20 Aug 2002
Ory,Oury Anna M. (Ory) Langley    
Ouber Karen Wightkin    
Oubre/Ouvre Gail Whitney    
Papet Erma A Truxillo    
Perez Karen Wightkin    
Perilloux Kathy Hill
Dwayne A. Montz
Claude Fourroux
John Sheldon Perilloux
Perret Denise Guntner Talbot  
June 2002
Phelps Roy Phelps   16 Jan 2000
Pichoff Bruce E. Pichoff, II    
Picou Shirley Nichols
Saundra Overton
Pitre Shirley Nichols    

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